Our Company Culture

Our cultural values describe how we work together to achieve our mission. We choose to actively build, demonstrate and maintain our culture, based on our values.

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  • We listen actively, instead of reacting fast
  • We are candid, concise and articulate
  • We communicate respectfully, regardless of the status or perspective of our audience
  • We share information proactively and openly
  • We collaborate with low-ego, where individuals make decisions for the benefit of all


  • We treat people with respect regardless of their position, or their agreement with our views
  • We are self-aware, holding ourselves and each other accountable
  • We are passionate about ‘why we do’
  • We speak about others as if they are present
  • We act with empathy for people and stewardship for planet


  • We practice servant leadership, knowing that courageous leaders serve others
  • We maintain calm behaviour in stressful situations
  • We say what we think, even if it is controversial
  • We question actions that are inconsistent with our values
  • We take smart risks


  • We accomplish incredible feats
  • We separate what must be done now from what can be improved later
  • We celebrate wins and inspire each other
  • We focus on results, not hours worked

Learning & Education

  • We learn rapidly and eagerly, from each other and from all our stakeholders
  • We value broad perspectives
  • We contribute effectively outside of our areas of technical expertise
  • We challenge prevailing assumptions when relevant
  • We make time to help each other
  • We practice first principles thinking
  • We learn from our failures and mistakes, sharing our learnings with the team