Board of Directors

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Dan Lankford
Dan LankfordChairperson | Non-Executive Director
Dan Lankford has over 30 years in technology. He’s led as CEO of four tech companies and chairman of three. His achievements include leading a semiconductor firm’s growth from $15M to $250M and piloting a battery company from start-up to IPO. Founder of Element Energy, later acquired by Maxim Semiconductor. Dan started at AT&T, eventually serving as VP of Marketing. Currently, he’s Chairman at SETI Institute and on the board of Triple Ring Technologies. He’s a proud alumnus of Johns Hopkins and Stanford Business School.
Phil Straw
Phil StrawNon-Executive Director | Independent
Phil Straw, with over two decades in tech, stands as the CEO and Co-founder of SoftIron. He transitioned from CTO to CEO, marking a journey of leadership. His past roles include CEO of Heliox Technologies, CTO of dotFX, and VP of Engineering at Securify. His career has been enriched with technical and product stints at both Cisco and 3Com. A proud graduate in Computer Science from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.
Kelly Coyne
Kelly CoyneNon-Executive Director | Investor
Kelly Coyne’s passion lies in AI and robotics. As the founder of Chalet Capital and a founding partner of Grit Ventures, her influence on start-ups is undeniable. Leading several from conception to valuations over $100M. With an MBA from Oxford, she’s led hardware ventures like Lily and Mimosa, imparting her expertise to numerous others. Her specializations span robotics, AI, AR/VR, assisting startups from inception to launch.

Justin Hamilton
Justin HamiltonNon-Executive Director | Investor
Justin Hamilton is at the helm of Clutterbot, which aims to revolutionize home tidying. A member of the prestigious Edmund Hillary Fellowship, he previously founded Sparktrend, an innovative venture acquired by eBay. His expertise is fortified by his time managing teams for Bing at Microsoft. Educated at the University of Waterloo, he calls Wellington, New Zealand home.
Oliver Gunasekara
Oliver GunasekaraExecutive Director | Founder
Oliver Gunasekara’s 30+ years in business is a testament to his skills. His tenure at ARM saw mobile development skyrocket from 0% to 95%. As VP of Corporate Business Development, he steered the acquisition of Falanx. Venturing as an entrepreneur, he founded NGCodec, a start-up that caught Xilinx’s attention. With a degree from the University of Greenwich and a Mini-MBA from Stanford, Oliver is also credited with two patents.
Jason Gillham
Jason GillhamExecutive Director | Founder
Jason Gillham, a visionary in subsea robotics, boasts 18 years in the industry. A graduate from the University of Waterloo, his enthusiasm is unmatched in solving novel problems. Jason successfully led his first business venture to over $10M in revenue, which caught the eye of Covelya Group. His innovative streak is highlighted by 3 patents centered on subsea technology.


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Bob Galyen
Bob GalyenAdvisor
Robert (Bob) L. Galyen is an industry luminary in the battery and energy storage world. With significant roles such as CTO at CATL and Chairman of SAE International Battery Standards, Bob has been a catalyst in shaping global battery technology. With a foundation in chemistry, biology, and engineering, he has traversed the globe for 44 years, gaining a reputation as a visionary in energy storage. Bob’s innovations are evidenced by his numerous patents, and he’s an active participant on various esteemed boards.
Simon Segars
Simon SegarsAdvisor | Investor
Simon Segars started as one of ARM’s early talents and went on to sculpt key processors that powered the first generation of digital mobile phones. From engineering to CEO, he played a defining role, especially during ARM’s monumental 2016 SoftBank acquisition. Simon’s leadership resonates beyond ARM as he chairs the GSA, is on the board of tech giants like Dolby Laboratories, and has academic accolades from the University of Sussex.
Sir Robin Saxby
Sir Robin SaxbyAdvisor | Investor
Sir Robin Saxby stands as the pioneering CEO and Chairman of ARM, under whose helm ARM chips—totaling 220+ billion—found their way into a plethora of devices globally. Beyond steering ARM from startup to tech behemoth, his professional voyage included roles at RBM, Pye TMC, and Motorola. Throughout his illustrious career, he’s been decorated with awards such as the Faraday medal and the Morris Chang Leadership award.
Justin Manley
Justin ManleyAdvisor
Justin Manley founded Just Innovation Inc., carving a niche at the confluence of ocean technology and robotics. Catering to a wide client base, from startups to government bodies, Justin’s influence is palpable in professional arenas, especially as the President-Elect at the Marine Technology Society. An MIT alumnus, he also boasts two patents in uncrewed systems.
Hon. Francis (Frank) Fannon
Hon. Francis (Frank) FannonStrategic Advisor
Francis R. Fannon has dedicated two decades to leadership roles in both government and business sectors. Earning his stripes as the inaugural Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources, Francis championed open energy markets and underscored the paramount importance of minerals. His tenure as BHP’s Managing Director accentuated the company’s US presence. His legacy in energy policy, complemented by his prowess in crisis management, is further highlighted by his distinguished academic and advisory roles.
Rear Admiral H. Wyman Howard III
Rear Admiral H. Wyman Howard IIIStrategic Advisor
Wyman Howard, a retired U.S. Navy SEAL with 32 years of special operations experience, has led at all levels, including as Commander of Naval Special Warfare Command. Known for his expertise in sustainability, disruptive technologies, and strategic security, Howard has a deep understanding of geopolitical risks and technology’s impact on security. He holds advanced degrees from notable institutions, including an MBA from the TRIUM consortium and a certificate in AI from MIT. Howard’s military career is distinguished by strategic leadership roles and contributions to national security. He is a Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Company, focusing on global sustainability.