Eureka 1 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: A Landmark in Sustainable Harvesting

Discover Impossible Metals’ groundbreaking demonstration of the Eureka 1 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) held on May 17, 2023. This remarkable event marked a vital step towards a future of responsible deep sea mining.

The innovative system, driven by patent-pending technology such as an AI-powered computer vision system, has proven its ability to selectively pick up mineral-rich nodules, crucial for a low-carbon economy, while preserving marine life. The demonstration established the feasibility of this approach and highlighted its promising economic benefits.

The retired CTO of the world’s largest battery company, Bob Galyen, who attended the demo, hailed the event as a historical breakthrough in environmentally friendly mining techniques.

This pioneering work pushes us closer to our goal of responsible metal production and green economy success. “Our technology aims to have the lowest environmental impacts and costs in deep sea mining,” stated Oliver Gunasekara, Impossible Metals CEO.

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Successful Shallow Water Test Demonstration of Eureka 1

Check out this video from our Demo Day in May 2023, when we successfully demonstrated Eureka 1, our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), which is a key milestone on the road to developing a full-scale, artificially intelligent deep sea mineral harvesting system that can pick up mineral-rich deep sea nodules while avoiding macrofauna, with an aim of preserving biodiversity and habitat function.