Sustainability Policy

Impossible Metals is committed to ensuring all aspects of its operations achieve the highest standards of sustainability. Impossible Metals supports the principle of intergenerational equity in relation to environmental protection and understands that protecting our environment for future generations is part of our core business.

Impossible Metals measures its sustainability performance by complying with all host nation legislation as well as relevant leading practice guidelines and standards in relation to sustainability, including the European Union Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Standards of the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance.

Sustainability Objectives

Impossible Metals commits to the following sustainability objectives:

  • Ensure the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems of the seafloor environment throughout the nodule harvesting process, to ensure the protection of species and habitats, and the resilience of the deep ocean ecosystems for future generations;
  • Ensure that no aspect of our operations contributes to pollution of terrestrial, freshwater or marine environments;
  • Work with our host governments to achieve their net-zero carbon emission goals, and climate mitigation targets, within their target time frames, while achieving net-zero emissions for our own operations by 2030;
  • Share information on the environmental values of the areas in which we operate, as well as our sustainability performance data, transparently and proactively at all times;
  • Undertake external review and auditing of our sustainability performance reporting, to ensure we are held to the highest possible standards at all times;
  • Set measurable targets in relation to energy, water and resources use, and report against those targets annually;
  • Minimise our carbon footprint related to corporate travel;
  • Ensure the sustainable use of resources in all our operations at all times, by applying the principles of a circular economy to our supply chain, procurement, maintenance, servicing and waste management processes;
  • Proactively work with our supply chain partners to understand, measure and improve their social and environmental performance;
  • Proactively work with our host governments to improve waste management infrastructure in communities in which we operate to ensure our presence leads to a positive impact on the use of resources and management of waste in the communities in which we operate; and
  • Apply the principles of continuous improvement to all aspects of sustainability in our operations, by seeking and encouraging feedback from all stakeholder groups, always striving to improve on the status quo and challenge assumptions in relation to the sustainability of the extractive resources industry.

Changes to this Policy

This policy is reviewed under Impossible Metals’s mandatory annual policy review schedule and is next due for formal review in December 2023.

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