Our Mission & Core Values

Vision: Accelerating clean energy by delivering the most sustainable battery metals.

Mission: To harvest and process critical battery metals from the seabed, while protecting the environment.

What we do: We are building underwater robotic vehicles for harvesting battery metals and have invented a new form of mineral processing that uses bacteria metal respiration.

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Core Values:

  1. Planet comes first: environment and people before profit.
  2. We encourage, share and accept all perspectives.
  3. We move fast, separating what must be done now from what can be improved later.
  4. We embrace and learn from every failure.
  5. We expand our scientific knowledge.
  6. We act as owners because we are.
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We will deliver responsible metals in line with the BetterEV Statement. Responsible metals are mined and refined in a way that:

  • Protects safety and human rights
  • Is carbon neutral
  • Maximizes the potential for recycling and circularity
  • Eliminates toxic waste
  • Avoids widespread habitat destruction
  • Avoids water scarcity
  • Avoids loss of biodiversity
  • Avoids displacing Indigenous people or communities
Read and Support the BetterEV Statement