Rob Tyson, the Founder and Director of Mining International Ltd, talks with CEO Oliver Gunasekara about Impossible Metals’ approach to deep sea mining – using underwater vehicles that collect metals critical for EV batteries without harming the seabed ecosystem.


  • Impossible Metals is a technology startup focused on deep sea mining, with a mission to preserve the deep ocean ecology while extracting critical metals for sustainable energy.
  • They have developed advanced autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that can collect battery rocks from the seabed without harming the ecosystem.
  • The company is committed to environmental sustainability and aims to minimize sediment disturbance, noise, and light pollution in their mining operations.
  • They collaborate with marine scientists and environmental organizations to gather input and conduct research to better understand and mitigate the impact of deep sea mining.
  • Impossible Metals emphasizes transparency in their operations and plans to provide detailed information, including video data, for each ton of material collected. They also support the idea of a battery passport to track the extraction and utilization of metals.

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