Impossible Metals (YC W2022): 

●      Reveals its robotic collection system

●      Announces partnership with global leader Boskalis to explore the integration of its robotics with vessel operations for selective harvesting of nodules

●      POLITICO highlights Impossible Metals’s entry to the seabed mining debate 

●      Signs USD $500M+ in Letters of Intent from battery manufacturers

IM is shaping a multi – trillion dollar industry with critical technology that would allow the responsible harvesting of EV metals. Their approach to seabed mining is a timely and exacting move to unite industry and disparate nations as we plan for a future without fossil fuels.

“We are showing the world that a nimble innovator like Impossible Metals can make big changes in the mining industry. By partnering with global leaders like Boskalis, we are paving the way to widespread uptake of our technology that will disrupt the mining industry on both land and underwater – making it more sustainable, more economic, and more secure.” said Oliver Gunasekara, CEO & Co-Founder of Impossible Metals.

“At Boskalis, we know that innovation and disruption are critical to the growth of our company. We are excited to work with Impossible Metals as they develop a transformational approach to sustainable seabed mining.” said Sander Steenbrink, General Manager Corporate Innovation, Research & Development at Boskalis.

“Demonstrating that our robotics manipulator can deliver the throughput required for economic production, while also preserving the seafloor ecosystem, answers the major question our competitors raise about the viability of selective harvesting. We are well on the way to showing that no longer does mineral production have to come at the cost of sustainability.” said Renee Grogan, Chief Sustainability Officer & Co-Founder Impossible Metals.

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